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Anklets Aweigh!

April 05, 2017

Jewelry trends, like other fashion trends, are circular. That means whatever was “out of style” will become “in-style” again, eventually! Anklets are the perfect example – Hot in the 70s – Hot again in the 90s – and one of the Hottest fashion item for this year. Whether you call them “anklets”, “ankle chains”, “ankle bracelets”, “ankle strings” or whatever else – they are back and the Bead Lounge is the place to go to find inspiration to adorn your feet as the season of sun, sand and surf is on its way.  

Though stores overflow with anklets created in different materials, designed in different ways, and with widely differing prices, the Bead Lounge has such a vast array of beads, stones, charms, string and wires allowing you artistic license with your budget in mind. Here are some anklet types and ideas of how to wear them for your fabulous look.

Golden Anklets – Needless to say golden ankle bracelets are a number one luxury item and are commonly designed as a single thin chain or a two-layered one. Sophisticated and stunning for a special occasion.

Silver Anklets – Silver anklets are more casual, with some touches of bohemian spirit to them and are exactly for young ladies. They are ideal with summer sandals and are perfect to stroll around the city in a breezy summer evening.

Beaded Anklets – Whether monochromatic and iridescently tones, beaded ankle chains are the casual and carefree. Beaded chains can be matched with sandals or flip-flops.

Barefoot Anklets – Barefoot anklets consist of a bracelet fastened on the ankle then stretched along the foot bridge and finishing with a toe ring, thus imitating a barefoot sandal only without a sole. A favorite with Indian woman and they can be your favorite too.

Anklets with Charms – These versions have become popular recently especially with charms. Whether you choose initials, or a heart charm or a star charm, your charm anklet will show your individuality. The Bead Lounge has so many choices.

Ankle bracelets call to mind carefree summer days, long floral skirts, and the scent of newly cut grass. They are a symbol of friendship and a unique accessory to add to any outfit. They are easy to make at the Bead Lounge and can be great gifts for bridesmaids in Woodland Hills, to loved ones or friends. With the right tools provided by the Bead Lounge and creativity, you’ll be crafting gorgeous ankle bracelets in no time.